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Prototype Design - We Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

Prototype Design is a service that Tendon offers to help customer’s take ideas and turn them into working parts. Our engineering department works with customers to figure out the best way to design and fabricate their parts in the most cost efficient manner. By utilizing our 3D printer and other software, our customers can have models turned around quickly.

Tendon helps customers with prototyping by assisting with engineering and design work, quick turnaround and 3D printing. We take ideas and turn them into working parts.

Prototype Design Software We Use

Tendon’s engineering department uses SolidWorks, Stryker and GibbsCAM for their design and programming needs. Once 3D models are made, the production routers can be sent to our lasers or CNC punch presses to begin cutting material.


Prototype Designs Quickly Created with Our 3D Printer

Tendon recently added 3D printing as another way to help our customer’s grow. With two full-time engineers, one part-time engineer and 3D printing capabilities, our customers now get their 3D models and/or prototypes quicker than ever before.

3D Printing Solutions Reduce Traditional Prototyping Production Cost

3D printing allows us to create plastic prototypes for customers within hours. They are a cost efficient way of seeing how your parts will look without having to pay prototype pricing.

Our Prototyping Capabilities Help A Multitude of Industries Achieve Their Goals

Tendon services the following industries: Advertising, Agricultural, Communication, Construction, Electronics Manufacturing, Food Products Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, National Defense, Mining, Miscellaneous Manufacturing, Point of Purchase Displays, Retail and Transportation. With our knowledge of these industries, we can use our expertise to help with design work. Whether it is a point of purchase display or medical device, we know how parts should be made and how to make them in the most cost efficient manner.

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