Design Engineering

For Metal Fabrication


Design Engineering for Metal Fabrication

Tendon’s engineering department helps customer’s improve their current designs and turn ideas into prototypes. By utilizing their experience in manufacturing, our engineers help customer’s lower expenses by engineering parts to be manufactured in a more cost efficient manner. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are a great resource to our customers and are more than willing to assist with design work. With the addition of our 3D printer, our customers can have a model in their hands within days.

  • With two full time engineers on staff, we help customers with new design ideas as well as improving existing parts.


  • Our engineers have a combined 50 years of manufacturing experience.


  • Tendon helps clients’ take their parts from concept to production using our expertise in manufacturing design.

Design Engineering | Software We Use

Tendon’s engineering department uses SolidWorks, Stryker and GibbsCAM for their design and programming needs. Once 3D models are made, the production routers can be sent to our lasers or CNC punch presses to begin cutting material.

Tendon’s engineers have combined over 50 years of manufacturing design experience. They are experts in design engineering and play a critical role in programing for production. Their design expertise is in sheet metal fabrication and general machining.


Tendon’s engineers will help take ideas or initial concepts and turn them into production ready parts.

Design Engineering Experience

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